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Who is Karissa Dawn?

Behind the lens

Hello! My name is LaDawn Karissa Lamle, also going by the short name of Dawn. I have been privy to both of them since I was a kid. As most kids can attest to, there never seemed like a whole lot to do. So to pass time for fun my friends and I would have my mom take photos of us while we modeled and had wardrobe changes. Oh how we loved getting beautified!!


Growing up I never quite knew what my passion was. There were things and ideas that would come and go but there was nothing I had a nitch for until I got married and had a daughter. Like my mom or probably any new mom or parent I loved capturing moments with my daughter. I would think to myself, if only so and so could see her now; then I caught myself thinking the same thing with my surroundings, outside scenery and everything my eyes captured.

Right before my daughter was born we purchased a digital camera. Immediately I began to study and play with it. It was amazing how a picture could capture so much emotion. Being able to see it right away and then deciding to keep it or delete it. Loved it! No more wasted pictures, right? Well, not only did I love the camera but I loved how you could download, edit, and bring every detail of that photo to life. Even better! This opened up a whole new passion for photography and freedom of expression for me.

I see so many people and families in the moment that they forget to capture the moment, which is what I'm always thinking of. Capturing that moment in time for them to look back on and remember, I'm sure it will bring back a warm memory or emotion that will brighten they're day. I have seen how pictures can bring a person up when they're down, remind them of the love that surrounds them, or of that family member that is no longer with them.

I have been gathering as much experience as I can over the past several years, and photography has become a true passion and desire of mine. I have been diligently pursueing my passion and am very thankfull for the talent that God has given me to use to be a blessing to others. I would love to share this journey with you as I express my passion into a moment you and others will cherish for a lifetime...