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The Psychology of Getting Awesome Pictures

psychologyWhen it comes to taking high quality pictures of subjects that look natural, it is very important that your photographer have the correct equipment, know how to place you, and that the lighting is correct.  However one important aspect that most photographers miss, even skilled photographers is making sure that you understand the attitude or mind set going in to the shoot.  Having the correct mind set is very important in getting the very best pictures.  Below are 4 important mind sets you should avoid when getting your pictures.


Successfully Photographing Toddlers

childrenMaking children feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, can be challenging, however with a few simple techniques you can go a long way with children of any age.  After all the photos need to showcase your child’s special character and personality.  When the shooting experience is enjoyable, playful and fun the pictures come to life at a whole new level.   Below are 3 simple tips you can follow to bringing out the biggest life in your child.