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Successfully Photographing Toddlers

childrenMaking children feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, can be challenging, however with a few simple techniques you can go a long way with children of any age.  After all the photos need to showcase your child’s special character and personality.  When the shooting experience is enjoyable, playful and fun the pictures come to life at a whole new level.   Below are 3 simple tips you can follow to bringing out the biggest life in your child.

1.  Have Fun and Play.
This may not be the best analogy however it serves a good purpose.  You may have heard that dog training is more for the owner than it is the dog, well this is very true when taking your child’s picture.  Parents have to be trained to respond to there children correctly if they want to get good pictures. This means interacting with the child in such a way that they believe the photographer is there to have fun and play also.

Capturing your child for who they really are and in there pure element is what brings a photo to life.  This true essence of a child can only be captured when they are doing what they do best, having fun and playing.  Make the session something the child wants to do and if you can’t get the exact pose you want move on and try it later.  Once the child feels that they are being made to pose, then levels of stress sit in for the child and you begin to lose there true playful nature.

2. Including the Parentschildren-country Yes parents this means you!  When you come to a child’s session be ready to be photographed.   Having a parent as a backdrop is one of the best things a parent can do to get the child engaged and exposed to the camera.  If the child sees that mom or dad is having fun behind the camera then may times they will follow in your footsteps.  We have found that the simple pictures of basic interactions actually turn out more pure and interesting than when you actually get your child to focus for the straight on shoot.

Having the child hold onto the parents leg, hand, eating a cracker or just laughing with the parent are really some of the best shots to get.  So parents when you come to a session be sure you color coordinate with your child, and you look just as good as they do.  Once your child is in a safe place you can slowly step out of the picture and see the magic take place.

3. Don’t worry be happy! The “Don’t worry be happy” mentality can really save you unnecessary stress and change the dynamics of the session.   Working with toddlers and younger children can always be challenging, especially when your paying money for them to get there pictures taken.  So if you don’t come to the session with pre-conceived ideas of how the session should take place then you will have less things to worry about.  Just make sure you child has had a good nights rest, they are feed well before the session, and avoid confrontation before the session.   Just be energized and full of extra love starting several hours before the session.  Once you arrive stay focused on being upbeat, and don’t get frustrated if you child isn’t holding the pose you want.  Treats are always a good way of getting your child to work with you, but use them sparingly and realize that life, laughter and fun is what brings the picture to a whole new level.